New for Anchore Enterprise 1.2, the Anchore Engine official Helm chart now includes configuration options for a full Enterprise deployment. This deploys an Anchore Engine 0.3.0 system as well as the enterprise extensions and services.

  1. Define a secret to store your docker pull credentials 
    kubectl create secret docker-registry anchore-enterprise-pullcreds --docker-username=user --docker-password=password --docker-email=email

  2. Define a secret to store your Enterprise License

    kubectl create secret generic anchore-enterprise-license --from-file license.yaml

  3. Create a new file: enterprise_values.yaml with the following content:
  4. anchoreEnterpriseGlobal:
      enabled: true

  5. Now, simply deploy! 
    helm install stable/anchore-engine -f enterprise_values.yaml

Also see the README of the helm chart itself for more details on enabling specific features and providing secrets.