Features and Improvements

The Anchore Engine and Anchore CLi version 0.2.4 includes the following improvements and new features:

  • New ability to disable feed syncs and skip feed client bootstrap checks in the policy engine
  • Improved java archive analysis, adding pom.properties metadata to Java analyzer (contributed by Matt Sicker <boards@gmail.com>)
  • Improved registry verify check when adding new registry credentials, including a validation timeout for firewalled/blocked registry endpoints
  • Improved anchore API swagger document with a refresh to more accurately specify request and response objects and route category/tags, for bet
    ter swagger codegen client support

Bug Fixes

The Anchore Engine and Anchore CLi version 0.2.4 includes many minor bugfixes and general improvements, including the following bugs:

  • Fix update to service terminate handling in anchore_manager to avoid possible condition where service could terminate a different anchore ser
    vice than intended on restart. Fixes #74
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Upgrading the Anchore Engine

The regular Anchore Engine upgrade procedure can be performed to upgrade the Anchore Engine to version 0.2.4

NOTE: If upgrading with a configuration file (config.yaml) that has analyzer services enabled from version 0.2.2 or prior, but has no values set for 'endpoint_hostname', 'listen', and 'port', you will need to set these values for analyzer services to come up correctly in 0.2.X.  The analyzer service ports do not need to be exposed for normal operation, unless prometheus metrics are enabled and/or other site-specific features are enabled that require analyzer service port access (e.g. for pinging the /heath route, etc.).

Anchore Cli

The latest release is 0.2.4, which adds support for the new features and capabilities in Anchore Engine 0.2.4.