Anchore Enterprise

Anchore Enterprise is the commercial product built on the open-source Anchore Engine, with added components and features to enhance the use of Anchore at an organizational level, visualize data, and provide additional installation options to meet enterprise needs. It also adds services and support to both the open-source and proprietary components.

Software Components

On-Premise Anchore Engine (Open Source)

On-Premise Anchore Enterprise UI

On-Premise Feed Service

RBAC Management API

RBAC Authorization Plugin (used with the Anchore Engine)

Enterprise and Anchore Engine Open-Source

Anchore Enterprise provides features and capabilities in addition to those of the open-source Anchore Engine. For example:

  • On-premise UI for visualization, policy editing, report generation, and user management
  • RBAC support for the APIs
  • Proprietary vulnerability data feeds to significantly enhance vulnerability detection in application packages and libraries (e.g. python, ruby gems, nodejs packages, java jars...)
  • Fully On-Premise Vulnerability Feed Service providing vulnerability and package metadata
    • Full data provenance from vendor sources (RedHat, Debian, etc) into the analysis engine
    • Enables Air-Gapped deployments
  • Commercial Support (8/5 or 24/7)


Anchore Enterprise components require a valid license to run. To get a license, contact support or request a trial.

Getting Started

Contact support to request a trial license and get access to the containers required to run the full system. See above.

Then, follow the Quickstart guide!

Or, if you're a kubernetes user:

Getting Started with Kubernetes

The Anchore Engine helm chart for kubernetes now includes all the Enteprise components and can deploy a full system by setting a few simple feature flags in the chart and providing a secret for pulling the images from Docker Hub and the license content.

See: Deploying Anchore Enterprise with Helm