Anchore Engine 0.1.10 adds the following features and bug fixes:

  • Fix timestamp inconsistencies when updating/adding policy bundles (PUT/POST)
  • Adds policy validation for the /v1/policies/ PUT route
  • Fix the final_action in the results section of bundle eval table to reflect the policy result without image whitelist/blacklist application
  • Adds full lifecycle state for gates, triggers, and params to specify 'active', 'depreated', or 'eol'.
  • Re-adds eol'd gate defs for pkgdiff, base_check, and suiddiff gate to conform to the lifecycle state scheme.
  • Deprecated and EOL gates/triggers will raise warnings in policy evaluation and EOL gates will automatically become no-ops in evaluation.
  • Initial migration of gates to new naming and consolidation. Old gates moved to deprecated/ and marked as deprecated state