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The Anchore Engine is an open source project that provides a centralized service for inspection, analysis and certification of container images. The Anchore engine is provide as a Docker container image that can be run standalone or on an orchestration platform such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Rancher or Amazon ECS.

The Anchore engine can be accessed directly through a RESTful API or via the Anchore CLI

Using the Anchore Engine, container images can be downloaded from Docker V2 compatible container registries, analyzed and evaluated against user defined policies. The Anchore Engine can integrate with Anchore's Cloud service allowing you to define policies and whitelists using a graphical editor that are automatically synchronized to the Anchore Engine.

The Anchore Engine can be integrated into CI/CD pipelines such as Jenkins to secure your CI/CD pipeline by adding image scanning including not just CVE based security scans but policy based scans that can include checks around security, compliance and operational best practices.

The Anchore Engine can be integrated with Kubernetes using the Admission Controllers to ensure that only images that meet your policies will be run.