Anchore Engine 0.1.8 adds the following features and bug fixes:

  • Add Repositories
    The Anchore Engine can now be configured to scan repositories and add any tags found in the repository. Once added the Anchore Engine will poll the registry to look for changes at a user configurable interval.
    See: Working with Repositories for more details.

  • New summary API route
    A new API route: /summaries/imagetags has been added which provides a faster route to retrieve a summary of image tags. Previously the only way to retrieve a list of tags was using the /images route which included a large amount of data for each image. The new /summaries/imagetags route includes a subset of data to improve performance.

  • API and CLI option to describe policy language to get full set of gates and triggers.
    Added ability to introspect the engine to receive details about supported policy gates and triggers. See Working with Policies.

  • New always policy gate and trigger
    Added a new policy gate / trigger that 'always' fires. This policy check can be used to force a specific evaluation regardless of parameters.

  • GCR Registry support.
    Added support for passing GCR JSON credential files to support authentication with Google Container Registry.
    See: Working with Registries

  • Bug fix: Added Adds 'registryIds' to AWS ECR get_authorization_token call. Fixes #12 (contributed by Curtis Mattoon

  • Bug fix: Fixed apk package version comparisons, which now use same comparison logic as the "apk" tool. Fixes #25