During the analysis of container images the Anchore Engine performs deep inspection, collecting data on all artifacts in the image including files, operating system packages and software artifacts such as Ruby GEMs and Node.JS NPM modules.

The image content command can be used to return detailed information about the content of the container image.

anchore-cli image content INPUT_IMAGE CONTENT_TYPE

The INPUT_IMAGE can be specified in one of the following formats:

  • Image Digest
  • Image ID
  • Registry/repo:tag

The CONTENT_TYPE can be on of the following types:

  • os : Operating System Packages (Alpine APK, DEB, RPM)
  • files : All files in the image
  • npm : Node.JS NPM Modules
  • gem: Ruby GEMs


anchore-cli image content debian:latest files

The CLI will output a subset of fields from the content view, for example for files only the file name and size are displayed. To retrieve the full output the --json parameter should be passed.


anchore-cli --json content debian:latest files

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